Peter Nguyen is the world’s foremost authority in direct-to-consumer digital advertising. Peter has created dozens of multi-million dollar Internet brands and is the creator of Accelerated Ventures, which is now being taught at the 2nd-ranked entrepreneurship program in the US.
Peter is the Founder and CEO of Ad Exchange Group, which is the leading direct-to-consumer digital performance-based agency in the nation. Ad Exchange Group services leading brands like Jeunesse, Bulletproof, Dollar Beard Club, Feel Rich, Cosmoderm, Pathway Genomics, and many more.

Ad Exchange Group is the leading direct-to-consumer digital performance-based agency in the nation. Their innovative transaction engine enables advertisers to generate new customers from all aspects of paid media and only gets charged when Ad Exchange generates a sale. Ad Exchange is a full-service firm that designs, develops, and works with our media buyers to scale towards a brand’s growth plan.

Ad Exchange Group won the Silver Stevie Award for Company of the Year for Advertising, Marketing, and PR Firm at the American Business Award in 2016 and Gold Stevie Award for Employer of the Year.


Peter was born in San Jose, California, starting at an early age he was ready to take on the world and anything that came in his way. At age 6, his parents, Phu and Le Nguyen, picked up their bags and kids and took a permanent road trip to sunny Florida.

At age 12, Peter’s father passed away right before his eyes and from that day forward, he was never the same. His father’s death ignited a deeper passion in Peter that changed his life forever.

At age 16, he was the youngest to receive top sales performance out of 600 (3 months in a row). He received countless awards in mathematics competition statewide and nationally. His senior year in high school, he was able to place top 10 in the world in Mathematics at the International Science & Engineering Fair in San Jose, CA.

Peter wanted more than just head knowledge from a Business degree at the University of Florida. At age 19, he started his first company, WhizNotes, to get practical business experience. WhizNotes was a tutoring service that lead mass exam reviews for mathematics and science courses at the University of Florida. One year later, he started his second venture, Shox Printing, a graphic design and full-service printing firm. With a team of 17 employees and interns, Shox Printing soon expanded its enterprise to a web development firm (Shox Web) and an award-winning marketing and promotions firm (Shox, Inc.), working with hundreds of local to Fortune 500 clients. Shox was able to see it’s first million in sales in just a couple of years and was named by Advertising Specialties Institute Top Minority Business and Top 30 under 30 Business Owners.

Fun Facts

  • Placed Top 10 in Mathematics at International Science and Engineering Fair
  • Aspired to be a professional basketball player growing up
  • Got a Perfect in Mathematics in SAT, ACT, SAT II
  • Was a personal tutor for the youngest girl to qualify for the U.S. Women’s Amateur Championship
  • Jumped off a 3,500 foot tall mountain and went hang gliding with my wife
  • Co-piloted a private plane throughout Los Angeles for about an hour
  • Went backpacking for 10 days by myself to London, Paris, Madrid, and Lisbon
  • Played 15 seasons of flag football and won 2 championships
  • Finished a triathlon (1/3 mile swim, 13 mile bike, 5k run)