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There are three very common things that most people don’t even realize that’s holding them back and limit them from reaching their full potential. These resistances could be the people in their lives, the place where they live, and themselves still living in the past.

Have you ever caught a bunch of live crabs and put them in a huge pot ? They are all frantically trying to escape and when one finally grabs on the rim to escape, what happens? The other crabs pulls them back down. There’s a good chance you have these same sort of “crabs” in your life. They are the ones who bring you right back down with them anytime you are about to break free. These folks could be your very family and some of your closest friends who consciously or subconsciously don’t want to see those around them succeed. The reality is that I see it constantly in people’s lives who are having a hard time succeeding.

I remember watching a show called “Millionaire Secrets” on CNBC almost a decade ago and one of the millionaires said if you take the 5 closest people to you and take the average of their income, that’s close to what your income is right now. The fact that most of my friends at the time were jobless didn’t help my case. So I was on a mission to find 5 mentors who would stretch me and challenge me to think bigger and do more with my life. Within that same year, I found those five mentors and my life was incredibly transformed.

During that time, I started distancing myself from the crabs in my life and stopped mentioning to them my new business idea or projects, especially the ones who would somehow know how to demotivate the situation and soon I was able to focus on my goals and my passions without anyone attempting to hold me back. Surround yourself with people who motivate you and genuinely want to see you succeed and see the radical difference it will make in your life.

During that same time in my life, I was still living in Florida and thought that is where I would be living for the rest of my life. All my family and friends I grew up with all lived there so naturally most people end up staying there after college. It was definitely where my comfort zone was, but I also started to wonder if there was somewhere better out there for me? I was on a search for more like-minded people who would make me better and get me out of my comfort zone. That’s when I realized if I truly wanted to break free, I needed to be open with the idea that my own location could be more than just a limiting factor.

Fortunately, later on during that same year, I met my wife who happened to live in Southern California and it made my decision to move a thousand times easier. If I hadn’t made that decision months earlier that I was open and ready to leave Florida and to go where journey is suppose to take me, my life would have just incrementally been slightly better. It’s when you are ready and open to leave your comfort zone is when true breakthroughs happen.

Only some of the closest people in my life know the details about my father’s death when I was 12. It was one of the most traumatic event a young boy could go through especially being alone with him right when his heart stopped. For anyone who’s gone through any sort of death in a family, major failure, abuse from a loved one, trauma, or anything at all that brings back the hurt and pain from your past, let it go and set it free. Your higher self knows this has been holding you back and after you can genuinely release all the pain in the past, the weight of the world all of sudden feels incredibly light.

Looking back at all the obstacles and hardships in my life, I realized how much stronger that made me as a person and how it grew my character today. When one door closes in your life, there is a bigger, better door ready to be opened. You just have to get pass dealing that the first door even closed before you can open the next one. This requires faith and hope that there’s something Greater that is in control and will always be. You can’t predict your future, but you can be the best version of yourself.

You might not have held on to any hardships from the past, but you might be having a hard time forgiving someone else or even worse – forgiving yourself. Once you start to let go and forgive and learn from the past, you can start taking larger strides forward and truly break free from the resistances of your life.