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Ego is the main component that blocks you from your connection with God and the rest of the Universe.

Ego is an inflamed personality caused by an overstimulated nervous system which is a lifelong allergy to the unconsciousness we came here to shift.

It’s the battle between your Moe and your Will. Your Moe is just living your life through just your emotions  and your Will is your Higher Self knowing exactly what you should be doing. Your Moe is hitting the snooze button for the third time and your Will already finished its morning workout.

When you live each day mostly with your Will taking the lead, you get more accomplished, you feel better about yourself, and you start making the impact in your life and others around you. When you live your life lead mostly by your Moe, your happiness is determined by the happenings around you. If it’s a gloomy day outside, you don’t want to do anything. When things don’t go your way, you play victim to it. You will never truly break free unless you are aware of your emotions. When your emotions gets inflamed, your ego starts to sneak in unconsciously.

Matt Kahn speaks about this best when he talks about the four forms of ego: righteous, victim, entitled and needy ego.

Righteousness is when you need other people to be wrong in order for you to be right. This is pride about oneself. Spiritual leaders and individuals who are aware of ego can start to have a righteous ego. They become the ego police and then starts to judge others who aren’t in check with their ego.

I asked my mentor once what is the number one downfall of every great leader and he quickly responded: Pride. If you ever notice any great leader who has ever fallen was because pride got the best of them. They started with purer intentions and over time, all their followers go to their heads. We all should seek humility, but more importantly, being insightful on not only when you recognize someone else’s ego being inflamed, but when your own ego is starting to come out.

When the victim ego is in play, this is when one starts playing the victim card. When something bad happens, they start to blame others or themselves. They feel they can hardly ever catch a break. This reasoning is why most people don’t dare to get out of their comfort zones or live out their dreams. People with harder circumstances growing up fall prey to this ego far too often.

The subtle truth being victimization is to have discernment. Discernment is saying I’m not sure this is the path that’s right for me, but victimization is saying this is going to be really bad. Discernment helps you be aware of what’s going on and allows you to pivot back to the right path before it gets worse. When you start to trust that there is a Higher purpose to everything is when you can start to let go of the blame and not play victim to your own worse enemy.

Entitlement is where you think that everything belongs to you at the expense of other people. The world revolves around them and nothing else matters. This is what happens far too often when parents spoil their children a little too much.

In Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers, he talks about successful people having a positive sense of “entitlement”. I think a better word instead should be “worthiness”. If you see someone else accomplish something ,you should feel worthy and inspired that you can too. You should feel worthy of abundance, not entitled to it. Entitlement thinks you should have it without doing the work or being earned. Worthiness is the divine confidence that you can have it and you deserve it too.

Needy means it’s never enough. Their needs will never be met no matter where they are at in their lives. These are the energy vampires when you meet them. They will always want more of your time and vent out their problems.

The silver lining of a needy ego is the willingness to be open. Openness is our transparency and connection with people, whether it be sharing the good or the bad. It knows the difference between draining someone else’s and insightful enough to have appreciation towards the people listening. Openness allows us to heal and deal with our problems rather than not deal with your problems.

All in all, when we are able to keep these four egos in check, your life will radically be transformed. Your ego is the main thing that is keeping you from an authentic connection with God. You will start to be able to connect and communicate with the rest of the world in a more positive way. You will know how to handle life’s tests better. You will not be victim to your own self. You will be worthy and achieve what you are set out to do in this world.

“More the Knowledge Lesser the Ego, Lesser the Knowledge More the Ego…” – Albert Einstein