28 Nov 2020

Category: Lifehacks


Break F.R.E.E. (Part 3) 

Ego Ego is the main component that blocks you from your connection with God and the rest of the Universe. Ego is an inflamed personality caused by an overstimulated nervous system which is a lifelong allergy to the unconsciousness we came here to shift. It’s…


Break F.R.E.E. (Part 2) 

Resistances There are three very common things that most people don’t even realize that’s holding them back and limit them from reaching their full potential. These resistances could be the people in their lives, the place where they live, and themselves still living in the…


Break F.R.E.E. (Part 1) 

Living in America, most people think we are in this illusion of truly being free. Although our free will allows us to do what we want in this world, there are invisible chains that are unknowingly holding us back. Over a decade ago, I realized…

Business, Lifehacks

Fail to Succeed 

“I have not failed. I’ve found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas Edison Failure. Man’s biggest fear and what most try a lifelong journey to avoid. It’s not so much the event, but more so the sting and disgrace when it does happens. But…

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