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The fear of failure is powerful. Nobody wants to reveal to others, or to themselves, that they were not capable of doing something they tried to do.

This fear can be used as a source of motivation to keep you working hard toward your goals. Yet this same fear offers a convenient escape clause. You can never fail if you don’t bother to try.

Not trying is, of course, the ultimate failure, for it means you can never make progress toward your goals.

So if it’s trying to muster the courage to ask that girl out or trying out for the basketball team, whatever the fear may be, don’t be afraid of failure. Failure is a part of life, use it to make your skin thicker and yourself stronger.

When asked to describe significant regrets in their lives, more than eight out of ten people focused on actions they did not take rather than actions they did. In other words, they focused on things they failed to do rather than things they failed at doing.