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When my wife and I heard about the tragedy that was happening to the residents of Flint we started to look up organizations where we can donate towards. After doing some research, I was a bit skeptical where our money would actually end up, so we asked one of my partners at BrandSlip, Kofi Frimpong, to fly to Flint this past week so we can understand the true issues of the residents and to make sure the bottles of clean water properly get to the hands of the right people.

We worked with Meijer, their regional grocery store, and ordered 100,000 bottles of water – two full semi-trucks worth and worked with the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan to get it delivered to the residence. This could hopefully help some thousands of residents, where 40% live under the poverty level, who truly need some of the most basic things we need in life that most of us take for granted each day.

We also learned that not only is clean water needed, but water filters, baby wipes and milk for children. We also learned ALL 9,000 children under the age of 6 were all affected and have some form of lead poisoning. What makes me more angry is that General Motors saw that the water was corroding the cars when they washed it, so the government fixed the issue knowing the problem just for the only address in all of Flint – General Motors’ office.

As a very soon-to-be parent of two kids, Jade and I understand the responsibility we have as being the single biggest impact in our children’s lives – both good and bad. The way they see and understand the world will mostly be influenced by how we react to both the good and especially the bad events that occur in our family or around us. I want to be able to teach and show them that when you set the right intentions and act upon them, nothing is impossible – especially when it comes to making an impact in this world. My hope is that more and more people will realize how much of an impact anyone can make with the little that they have.

If any of you would like to contribute to continue to help the residents, please let me know. They could use all the help. For every $60, one thousand bottles of clean water can be delivered to the residents.