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I have an executive assistant who manages my schedule and travel, does personal tasks and research. She is really competent and creative; I can give her bigger projects to manage.

I believe entrepreneurs need to have two types of people who work directly for them. The exception is if you’re a startup entrepreneur and you need to do multiple roles and manage a bunch of employees. Once you become an executive in a larger organization, there should only be two types of people:

  1. Project manager and Assistants – they get stuff done; they don’t necessarily need industry expertise; they need to be a go-getter who can keep up with your pace and get stuff done with little direction. As an entrepreneur, you need to be able to cast a vision and delegate to people who can get stuff done.
  2. Operator – President, COO, Director of Operations, they are the person who manages your team. This person is reliable and can get stuff done.

People believe that no manager or executive should have more than 6 people under them, but I believe it could be 8-10 people. For me, as an entrepreneur who plays the CEO role, my roles include:

  1. Knowing what to do: setting goals, casting vision, strategy, and setting procedures.
  2. Get company to do what you want: motivate, inspire, clearly articulate what you want done, set goals and expectations.