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There are two factors that contribute to the reason. You hired the wrong person; the right person wants to be there, is skilled enough to be there, and can keep up with your pace. You haven’t properly trained them; this is a key point that most managers miss and they blame it on their employees. It’s important for leaders lead by example and show their employees what they expect. Then they participate with them. It’s important for leaders to watch what their employees do, and make sure it’s done exactly how they want it done.

What could be done to create motivation to the employees is to find new motivation tactics. I tried a new tactic in my meetings today: to make a game out of everything and make things more playful. We came up with different punishment and rewards systems. The driving force needs to be for thriving, not survival or short-term success.

These questions are asked on SnapChat from a series of Snap Storms Peter has done to help answer other entrepreneurs questions.