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I want to talk about a book that I just finished reading called, Switch On by Nick Seneca Jankel. Here are some “Food for Thought” for that book:

“The Protector” – It is a voice behind every driving force that sustains our front. Everybody has it, and it is the power behind the drive to survive. It comes in different forms and personality traits.

“The Slacker” – He describes it as people who avoid disappointment by never risking anything and never going outside of their comfort zones. They are afraid to fail and do anything big, thus leading to a lack of ambition

“The Playboy” – Those who think commitment is terrifying, so they don’t ever do it.

“Ice King/Ice Queen” – Those who avoid being vulnerable at all costs.

“Terrifying Boss” – Those who think that screaming at people will get their attention and get others to listen to them.

“Workaholic” – This trait is the person who thinks that if they work as hard as they can, others will respect them.

“The Perfectionist” – If you make everything perfect, you’ll be safe. I struggled with this growing up and still do from time to time. I grew up being a perfectionist in school and everything I did.

As an entrepreneur, nothing ever goes perfect and if you wait to make things perfect, you will never get anything off the ground. I changed my mentality by reading Seth Godin’s book, The Big Moo. The tagline is my theme and mantra: “Stop trying to be perfect. Start being remarkable.”

Imagine how much more energy you would have if the Protector wasn’t defending you so much throughout the day? How much more creative would you be if you were thriving instead of surviving?

Challenge for those reading today: See if you fall into one or more of the characteristics, and try to turn it around into a thriving mentality instead of surviving.